Have You “Winterized” Your Property Yet?

Much colder temperatures are right around the corner, so if you haven’t taken care of “winterizing” your property for the winter months, NOW is the time. Addressing simple maintenance issues for winter will not only save you from larger near-term repair bills, it will save you substantial $$ on your energy bills.

A recent study (Yale University) found that simply reducing drafts in a residential unit can cut energy use by 5 to 30 percent—A commercial building can show even more savings.

We’ve scoured many of the best sources for “winterizing” tips and have vast experience with our own properties—Here are our top choices:

Inspect and Clean Your Heating System

Have you inspected/cleaned your HVAC unit or other heating system for the season? Before the winter hits, it is a great idea to have any needed maintenance work done to your building’s systems. Change filters, drain boilers, etc. Otherwise, this could lead to substantial repair bills during the season when it’s very difficult to schedule emergency repair people.

Secure The Exterior

Many buildings experience energy-loss and building damage due to issues with the exterior of the building. Check the roof, weather-strip interior windows, calk/seal cracks, clear gutters, etc.

Secure The Interior

Substantial energy savings can be had if you address the following before the colder months: Calk areas around pipes, weather-strip interior windows, etc.

Looking for more tips? Please see the following resources:




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