What Should You Do To Get A Property Ready To Show For Market?

Whether you’re putting a property on the market to sell or rent, there are several simple essentials to make a property more desirable to a potential buyer or renter. Here are 6 simple ways to make a property its most appealing for showings:

1. De-clutter The Unit From Top To Bottom

This includes a thorough deep cleaning of floors, windows, walls, fixtures, cabinets, counters, appliances, etc. In addition, you can run a dehumidifier before showings to eliminate any negative odors, which might have a negative effect on showings. You will also want to be sure to thoroughly clean entryway common areas and make sure all landscaping is properly cut and appealing since this will be the first impression clients have of your property.

Eliminating clutter and too many personalized items from rooms is essential to making a property most appealing. Prospective buyers or renters want to envision how their own possessions will look in a place. Having too much clutter in rooms will give the impression of a very tight space.

2. Make The Unit As Bright As Possible

Replace all light bulbs, pull back curtains, open shutters, etc. Everyone loves natural light in a unit—make sure you optimize the light in each room.

3. Update the Bath

Replacing a toilet set, shower curtain, outdated towel racks and simple light fixtures can go a long way towards making the property more appealing, in general.

4. Painting

Sometimes a unit requires a complete re-painting, sometimes just touch-up painting will do. However, simple patching of nail holes usually requires the entire wall to be re-painted to look best. In addition, paint over any bold color choices to a more neutral tone. This doesn’t mean you have to always use a white-based paint. Light greys can give a nice appeal without going to far over the line.

5. Floors

At the very least, a thorough cleaning of all floors is important. For wood floors, it may be necessary to buff out the floors to clean more in-grained dirt, and, in more extreme cases, it may be necessary to completely sand and re-stain the floors. A final polyurethane finish will add a strong protective coating to the floors and extend their life.

6. Staging

In some cases, moving furniture and other belongings temporarily into storage and bringing in newer, fresh-looking furniture and accent items will go a long way towards updating the look of the unit and diminishing the time a property spends on the market.

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